Wow! It's been a while since this awesome journey. Since the trip a few things have changed. I was offered my old job back, which cashed me up for six months. I started my own little marketing business. This has been a bit slow thanks to the 300 exhausting pages you have just read. My travelling has been limited to a four-week trip China (2005) with youngest brother and two week stint in Fiji (2006). There have been multiple surfing trips in Indonesia and America. I'm also currently living in Germany.

Other things have changed overseas. Nepal is almost at peace after a 10-year war. I know the rules to soccer a lot better. Mr Kofi Annan has stepped aside as the head of the UN replaced by Bna Kimoon from the Republic of Korea. The Stockholm nightclub Metropolis has closed and Spencer Street station in Melbourne changes its name to Southern Cross Station.

Then again, some things haven’t changed. America is still at war/peace-keeping in the Middle East. Angelo and Captain Harry still work on super yachts and I have an old bug that is starting to develop from the bottom of my gut, or should I call it a travelling itch. You can find my on twitter for when I have new pieces of work out. Till then be well.